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Frida Grapa-Cielak is the author of the Yiddish set of Workbooks for beginners ARELE and author of the commemorative 40 year history book about the Yiddish School in Mexico City, named Nuevo Colegio Israelita I.L.Peretz. The book is called: El Libro del Recuerdo, 40 años de la Naye dedicated to the school where she studied, worked and collaborated, the school for which she felt such a deep affection for. An affection and love that her parents, cofounders of the school and dedicated activists, transmitted to her. Born in Mexico City, she grew up in a Yiddish speaking home, attended Yiddish Day School where she had the luck of having been a student of the well known Yiddish writer and pedagogue, Prof. Abraham Golomb, who influenced her life as did, also the well known Lerers Yosef Rotenberg and Leybl Bayon.

Since she was a child she decided, that she was going to be a Lererke. She pursued her dreams and fullfilled her goal by studying at the Jewish Seminar for teachers and by returning as a Yiddish teacher to her childhood school.

For more than two decades, her life was centered on her family and this Naye Yiddishe Shul. Besides being a student and and Yiddish teacher, a mother and a collaborator at that school, she was the founder and organizer of the Audiovisual Center and the Children's Library. Both were named "Julio Grapa" in memory of her father, as they were donated to the school by her husband Moises Cielak and her mother, Esther Markuchamer-Grapa.

It was here, at the Audiovisual Center and at the time that her youngest son was starting to learn how to read and write Yiddish, that she ventured into trying to create a new kind of Yiddish learning material. One that could compare to those existing for the teaching of other languages, something modern and attractive. ARELE was the result of such an endeavor. She dedicated ARELE first to her son David who was then in first grade, and then -when printed, to her family: husband, 3 sons and parents.

More than 20 years have passed since the first edition and to her great satisfaction hundreds of children and adults have profited from it and enjoyed it. Among them she is thrilled to count her own grandchildren, too! Frida is now getting ready for the fourth edition as her workbooks keep up their freshness, the gratifying results and enjoyment among students and teachers in many parts of the world.

The author, Frida Grapa-Cielak, Freydl in Yiddish, has put a lot of herself and her life into her workbook but she has other interests as well which include: her husband, her 3 sons, one daughter-in-law and 3 beautiful grandchildren that she enjoys immensely. She has many hobbies: gardening and growing Bonsai trees; traveling; bridge; creating, through the Internet the International Club of Pen-Pals called: Yiddishe Briv Fraynd; genealogy and the edition of a family newsletter; gymnastics; reading; learning; music and trying to improve her skills in computers. She is always on the road of learning, doing and mainly of looking at life in a positive way!

Arele International Copyright©1979, Frida G. de Cielak.

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Author of the Yiddish set of
ARELE Workbooks.
Founder of the International
Yiddisher Briv-Fraynd Club (Pen-Pals, in Yiddish)
Phone: 011(5255)5589-2128   Fax: 011(5255)5294-7275
website: http://www.arele.yiddish.com.mx