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ARELE is a modern, innovative, pleasant and easy-to-use set of Yiddish Workbooks for Beginners by Frida Grapa-Cielak, that has become a great help for teachers, as well as for parents and grandparents devoted to preserving Yiddish and teaching Mame-loshn as a first or second language.

ARELE has been a source of pleasure and enjoyable moments to both, beginners and teachers, who have used it and are using it throughout the world: in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Mexico, South Africa and many states in the USA where Yiddish is taught.

ARELE, originally intended and designed for children, has also proven to be an easy tool to initiate older students -even adults- into Yiddish when properly adjusted to their levels by their Lerers or mentors.

The ARELE Workbook is one unit. It was divided in a set of three volumes for practical purposes: to facilitate its use and to allow the students to write, draw, paste, or do cut outs on them.
The workbooks follow the order of the Yiddish alphabet. There is a sequence to the three books, which have similar covers in different colors: green, red and blue. The vocabulary is extensive, mostly illustrated by simple drawings, short phrases, poems and songs.

Throughout the three workbooks you will find brief instructions or suggestions. There is also a Teacher's Guide in Yiddish or English- for ARELE 1. It will provide mentors with working tools on how to start teaching with the ARELE method. It offers very detailed follow-up instructions and recommendations. The suggested working guidelines provide lerers, lererkes, tate-mames or bobe-zeydes with some explicit ideas on how to work with the other two volumes.

Using ARELE 1, 2 and 3, as a tool in the teaching of Yiddish will enable you to develop your own creativity and will give you and your students a great feeling of achievement.

ARELE was created for the benefit of our beloved Yiddish-loshn students, and I am sure you will enjoy working with it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Freydl (Grapa) Cielak

Arele International Copyright©1979, Frida G. de Cielak.

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