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A few short quotes taken from some opinions about the set of ARELE Workbook:

Isidoro(Itzjkhok) Niborski from France, pointed out: "...ARELE is educational and entertaining; it attracts the children's attention and enhances their skills in many ways... Furthermore, it is orthographic and idiomatically correct..."

From Canada, Peretz Miransky, (z'l) stated: "... ARELE is a good book for beginners, pleasant to look at and an effective method to teach Yiddish...". Rabbi Irwin E. Witty, said: "... ARELE is a useful addition to the available materials...... ARELE uses the direct method of teaching, it reflects good taste, experience and sound pedagogic judgment..."

From Australia Pinie Ringelblum pointed out: "...It is a pleasure to look at these pictures which seem to be asking: "take me, read me, enjoy me"...".

From the United States, Aaron Lansky wrote: "...delightful books - charmingly illustrated...". Binyumen Schaechter wrote: "...I could never imagine that a kid would be attracted to a textbook like my son is attracted to your books ARELE..." and Ellen Cassedy stated: "...I ordered a 3-volume workbook by Frida Cielak.... It is perfect for teaching the alphabet and sounding out words; it was at just the right level for my daughter, a total beginner..."
This last two quotes have been selected among many others from parents that have been using or used ARELE as well, in other parts of the world.

Children have also expressed their own feelings: Violeta Niborski from France, -when she was 5 years old-, and Ariela Sherman from Canada, -at age 11- both wrote: "...A dank, thank you for ARELE..." and they mentioned their enjoyment! Teachers, like Reizl Waisser, from Mexico City have "complained" that their pupils greet them by saying: ARELE! ARELE! instead of saying good morning!....

Arele International Copyright©1979, Frida G. de Cielak.

For information about the set of ARELE workbooks, please visit the sections: "Books" and "More about.....". You can also check the following sample pages:

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